Where To Purchase My Work

I am a member of the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts, a cooperative art gallery in Hillsborough North Carolina. Here is a link to the HGA website:  http://hillsboroughgallery.com/

I am a member of the Orange County Artist Guild and participate in the Guild's open studio tour each November.  Here is a link to the OCAG website: http://www.orangecountyartistsguild.com/


I have always liked working with wood. Once I retired, I decided to make a serious effort to develop as a wood turner.  I attended courses taught by Bill and Jim Wallace, took Intermediate Woodturning classes at John C. Campbell Folk School, and participated in the Open Studio conducted by Frank Penta and the Chapel Hill Wood Turners (CHWT).  I joined CHWT in January 2014.

It is my goal to strike a balance between classic design prescriptions and my belief that many blocks of wood have something to say. The former leads me to create pleasing proportions in my spindles and pleasing curves in my bowls. The latter leads me to look to the wood for suggestions of shape and texture. It is also my goal to experiment with many different forms and techniques.

I am particularly attracted to blocks of wood that have started to decay.  Wood that starts out on a burn pile often ends up in my shop.  A partially decayed piece of wood can reward the turner with dramatic color and pattern but requires that the turner navigate voids. Handling the negative space in a funky block of wood is a challenge worth taking.